Monday, April 29, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer

It was an extra hot one today.
I went for a short jog and couldn't stop thinking how it felt like I was inside an oven. The only thing that kept me moving was the promise of shade and an occasional cool breeze. Well those things, and music.
Of course Liv wanted to go outside, so I pushed her on the swing and held her up to the monkey bars. Finally I told her we needed to go inside. Besides being too hot, I needed to take a shower. If it didn't get done while Scarlett was napping, I knew it wasn't happening. Liv is such a good girl to play on her own while I shower. 
When I got out she kept asking me if Scarlett was awake yet. She absolutely could not wait for her baby sis to wake up so she could play with her.
Fortunately for Livy, Etta babe did wake up soon. And they played so sweetly in our little pool.

My heart could burst. They make me so happy!

Liv fixing baby's hair

Scarlett sees Grampy! She's crazy about her Grandparents.

My Dad was helping me with Scarlett when I took her out of the pool. He held her while I ran and got some clothes and a new diaper for her (hence his wet shirt). Times like this I wonder how I will manage without having my parents near by. And how my kids will manage without having them pop in so often. I have been so blessed to have all this time to be with them, and now that it is nearing an end I feel like I haven't really stopped to appreciate it enough.


Anonymous said...

Bring those little fishies to our pool right now!!!
Love them :)
Gma Debi

Danee said...

Where have I been the last few months! I am really enjoying going through all these posts. I love seeing the girls grow-up :) Liv and Scarlett are so adorable. You are a good mamma to be re-cording all of their adventures.