Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vday 2013!

We kept Vday really simple this year. I know a lot of people say that and then show their home decked out and pictures of Vday presents and boxes, but I assure you that is not the case with us. We truly kept it simple. I had to work on Vday and we didn't really do much on the weekend either. Coming off of our FL trip we didn't feel the need to over spend or over indulge ourselves.

For Liv's school friends- printed "valentine you make my heart bounce" on card stock, bouncy ball in bag, and stapled it all together

For her teacher- I drew a school of fish with the caption "I'm glad I'm in your school" Olivia loved painting some of the fish. This was not my idea, I got it from a friend who posted it on her instagram and I thought to myself "I have water colors and card stock" so I whipped it out real quick. I would have preferred a different frame, but this was all I had on hand so I just figured she can change it if she pleases. I thought it was a nice personal addition to the super simple baggies of candy.

Grammy and Grampy got both girls some fun treats- colorful socks, candy (or fruit melts for Scarlett), and a few other trinkets. They even gave US a bag full of fun stuff!

For Brady- A simple valentine I made at one of the parties I went to, DP, and sugar cookies with frosting and confetti so he could decorate his own cookie (I set this up before I left for work).
And for Olivia- a little box full of goldfish, bubbles (which was actually a party favor from one of the parties we went to), and a valentine. She thought it was fab!

She got lots of valentines from school, and she and Scarlett also got a fun vday package from Gma Debi and Pops!

Brady sent me these individual pizzas to work! The sign that he made one of the workers write cracked me up.

And I came home to these cute cards painted by Liv and B. Liv painted a black heart for me because black is truly her favorite color right now. 

Our loot! It was just a nice day with a few fun surprises sprinkled throughout! Happy Vday 2013!

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