Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Valentine party!

The Qualls had another fun Valentine's Party the next week! There were valentines to make, sugar cookies to decorate, heart pizza and many more snacks to consume, and fun to be had by all!

Olivia has her mind on one thing when we go to friend's houses, and that's TOYS! Friends toys are always so much more fun! Everyone else was making valentines while she went straight for Noah's room to play with his trains.

Then when the valentine making table thinned out a little, she went there while others had moved on to decorate cookies :) I will say it is nice that she can play on her own so Scarlett and I can play with our friends :)

I just wanted a picture of her in another V-day outfit, but she couldn't hold still :)

Such a good girl!

Peter and Scarlett

Blake and Scarlett meet again!

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