Wednesday, June 12, 2013

::halfway and some swim lessons::

Today marks the halfway point of B being away at COT (commissioned officer training) for the Air Force. He's been gone for just over 2 weeks and has just over 2 weeks left! 16 days to be exact, but who's counting? ;)

We've been filling our time and keeping busy to make the time go by faster. One of our daily activities starting last Friday, is swim lessons for Liv. We have an extra sweet friend in the ward who offered to teach free swim lessons, how awesome is she?! I'll answer since you don't get to actually see her teach. She is so good with the kids (she has 4 of her own). Liv did SO amazing on the first day. I watched from afar and could see how she was doing everything Alyssa asked her to. I was totally impressed and so was my friend Natalie. 

We didn't go back until Monday for lesson #2, but unfortunately the pool was closed. Liv had her heart set on swimming so I just took her next door (our neighbor is also very sweet and lets us swim in her pool pretty much all the time). I threw her in the air, like her daddy does, but she went under and that pretty much shattered her confidence and scared her half to death. I guess I don't do it quite like Daddy does. Her next 2 swim lessons she didn't do quite as well, just not as confident and flat out would not do some of the things Alyssa asked her to do, but we didn't push her. I'm hoping that she'll just slowly gain her confidence back. She still loves swimming. Like today she stayed in the pool with her floatie and a noodle and swam on her own without holding my hand or clinging to me (which was what she was doing yesterday).

We have fun getting out of the house and playing with friends; The Minson's and Pelfrey's and today the Harker's joined us too! 

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Danee said...

What a fun way to pass the summer!! I love being in the pool with Cora. She just got one of those canopy floaties :] Liv looks so beautiful in that last close-up pic!! I can not wait to see this girl in person!