Thursday, June 13, 2013


The other day Liv told me she wasn't feeling well. I made her a "bed" on the couch, put on Cinderella, and gave her some water and soda crackers. This is her favorite thing to do when she's sick, and apparently also when she's not sick because I'm thinking she was pulling my leg this time. What makes me say that you might ask? Well, I sat down at the computer to get a few things done while she was laying down (or so I thought). I heard something in the bathroom but didn't pay any attention to it because I assumed she was just going to the bathroom. Soon after, I heard the quietest footsteps behind me. I was so into what I was doing that it took me a minute, but it was quiet and she wasn't saying a word, just standing behind me, I almost didn't know if she was there! I turned around and our eyes met (I was sitting and she was standing) and all I saw were two blue eyes in a sea of red. My breath was taken away! I was not expecting this! I immediately had to take a pic, then I was laughing and taking more pics. I'm sure she was confused. I could tell she was nervous and thought she'd be in serious trouble.

I threw her in the bath, which was an oily mess, the red stained her parts of her face. Then I had her clean up all the messes she made (basically anything she touched was covered in lipstick) all by herself and we had a serious talk about not playing with mommy's make up without mommy there.

My favorite "messes" were the kiss marks she'd made on the bar and on her baby sister :)
I originally thought she has stayed in the bathroom, but then found the kiss marks on the bar a little later. The only other messes were on her little behind when she was trying to get her underwear off for the bath, and on the toilet because she had to go potty before getting into the bath.

Cleaning the toilet

Cleaning the tub and the oily film it left after the bath

Cleaning these sweet kiss marks

Cleaning the bathroom

And the sink

A few more from my phone.
The bottom is funny to me. This was one of the first pics I took and her face is totally saying, "Am I in trouble? But your asking me to smile??"

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