Sunday, August 11, 2013

White Coat

I couldn't believe we were actually there! Brady's white coat ceremony is something we've been looking forward to for literally years. Exciting stuff!

It was a really neat venue- The Indiana Roof Ballroom. It is always fun to hear about how this MU-COM school came to be, and you can always feel the pride and excitement of everyone who worked so hard to make it a reality. This inaugural class has stats (GPA and MCAT scores) just above the national average which is quite remarkable for a school that is in its very first year. And it was even more special that we got to have both our parents there with us.
 Go Brady go ;)

I gave B a leather bound Grey's Anatomy book :)

We laughed so hard at this picture! Really captured the moment.
Debi- "I've seen better"......Pat- "Not impressed"......Brady- "What the crap is this?"

Dr Williams stopped by and chatted

Brady and Dr Williams (another one)- he is the CEO and Chief of surgery at one of the Community hospitals and one of the Doctors that interviewed Brady (in fact- he is the very Dr that I mentioned in the post about the admitted student weekend that had Brady stand and recognized him for getting him excited about the future of medicine)

Yep, she's picking her nose.

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Debi said...

Such wonderful memories!!! Thanks for making these posts. I need to share your pix. Is there a way for me to take them from the blog and post on FB. I need to share your adorable family
Love ya, Gma Debi