Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our first house

We are just getting settled here in Indianapolis. Its been exactly one week since we closed on our first house and we are still in awe of our beautiful home and the fact that we have our very own... everything!

When I walked through the first time I had tears in my eyes. It feels like I've waited forever for this. And then when we actually "came home" after closing I couldn't help but feel so blessed to be here. I cant even describe what I've felt this entire week when coming "home" after going to the grocery store or going to bed at night in our own "home". Its all so new- the house and the fact that i have my own kitchen to set up my own way, and every corner of the house is open for us to fill with our own stuff, and the walls are blank pages for us to decide what we want to do with them. Its a crazy feeling and I hope it never goes away (but I know it will eventually). We are blessed to be here as I know building a brand new home is not the "norm" for medical student families. We have my parents to thank for letting us barge in and take over their home for the last 2 years so that we could save money for this purchase, and of course the Air Force.

The first thing we did when we got home from closing was take pics of the house, so without further ado here it is! (Keep in mind there are a few pieces of tape where they needed to fix a few things)

This is what you see when you walk in the front door. I love the tall ceiling that opens up to the loft upstairs. On the right are double doors to the study, and on the left stairs to the loft.
Further down on the right are doors to the coat closet, and then it opens to the kitchen also on the right. Straight back is the sunroom.
On the left (where the light is on) is another small hallway with the half bathroom, a storage closet and then a door to the garage.
Entrance hallway

staircase to the loft
View from the Living Room to the Kitchen


Kitchen and Sunroom


Living Room

Living Room/Sunroom

Kitchen/Sunroom floors

Half bath

And now the upstairs:

On the left is the Master Bedroom and the laundry room.
On the right are the 2 girls bedrooms and bathroom.

Laundry room

Laundry room

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

Master Bathroom (and Brady)

Master bathroom sinks
Through the bathroom is the Master Closet, which feels like it could be another room.
One of my favorite things about this house.

Master closet

Shower. duh

This is looking from the Master bedroom
The door to the laundry room is right there on the right (you cant see it). Through the loft to the doors- on the left is Scarlett's room, the one with the light on is the bathroom, then not pictured on the right is Olivia's room.
I might post some pics of the girls rooms when they are decorated a bit more. I love the big tub in the laundry room to do hand washing or soaking, and I love the taller ceilings. When I was looking through these I noticed there aren't any pics of the closets which would probably bore you but its another thing I LOVE about the house. There is SO much storage! In addition to the giant master closet, the coat closet, and under the stairs storage closet, the Kitchen has a nice size pantry AND a big broom closet that fits a whole lot more than brooms, and the kids bathroom has a great linen closet! (obviously both bedrooms have closets too)


kjirsten said...

I left a super long comment, but it didn't post. :(. Basically I just wanted to say how THRILLED I am for you, and your new home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Love you!

Laura Beth said...

Wow. When can I move in too? That house is AMAZING.

taryn said...

Thank you Laura! If you find yourself in the Midwest for some reason then you have a place to stay! We love visitors ;) actually maybe we should come to Canada! I've never been and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Kathleen McDonald said...

Oh Taryn and Brady...I LOVE IT!

Russ and Misty said...

love~ congratulations!!!!!

taryn said...

Thanks Kath! We are so happy to finally be here and you are, of course, always welcome to visit! Hopefully we'll make it back to Utah before too long :)

taryn said...

Thanks Misty!

taryn said...

Thanks Kjirst!! Love you and loved your voicemail! Miss you :)