Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soccer Mom

Due to the encouragement and expertise of a new friend here, Liv joined a little soccer league at the YMCA. My friend Marie, whose husband is a Neurosurgery resident at IU, has been extremely sweet and helpful since we've in. She even had me leave my kids with her husband so just the two of us could go out, chat, and she could show me around town. Then we went to the YMCA to sign our kids up for soccer! I had Olivia "play up" so she and Nate (Marie's son) could be in the same group. That means she's in the 4-5 yr old group rather than 3 yr old group. I just don't think of her as 3 at all, but she is. I got nervous thinking I shouldn't have done that because she is already small for her age but she has totally held her own and I feel like is learning a lot more than if she had just stayed in the 3 yr old group. She'll turn 4 about 4 weeks into the season so its not too far off.

This was her 2nd practice and it happened to be at 9am. I actually had to wake her up! She's been sleeping in a lot since we moved here (maybe because of the time difference). She did good, but I could totally tell she was tired :) She even fell asleep on the way to practice!

This is just to show the size difference :) Liv is in front of the tall girl in pink :)

She had SO much fun!

Scarlett just wanted to run away the whole time

Olivia and Nate

She has to wear two pairs of shorts because the wind shorts are too big (it was the smallest size we could find- 4T) and will fall down around her ankles (and did on the first practice), so we had her wear biker shorts and tuck the wind shorts into them to keep them up.

Marie and I chatting

Liv scored a goal on Daddy!

And these two held hands on the way home.

We had Draft Day today and another practice! More cute pics coming up in a day or two. I will get this blog under control soon!

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