Friday, September 6, 2013

The new Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (say that 10x's fast)

The weekend before Brady started school, he took everyone (my parents, his parents, and us) to see his brand new 150 million dollar school.
He will be the first graduating class from Marian University. This is the first new medical school in the state of Indiana in over 100 yrs, and there is so much community support that it makes it easy to be excited about everything. The school raised millions of dollars which has served to make this the most technologically advanced DO school in the US.

Its kind of a big deal in Indiana see below if interested:

Between every two seats there is a little black box where you can press and speak into the microphone when asking a question. This way everyone in the room can hear the question and the answer. Liv pressed it and said "Knock knock! Hahahahah". She loved hearing her voice ring through the room. She didn't want to leave!

Most schools are lucky if they have even one Sim guy and this school has 6(+). They have a couple men, a pregnant woman, children, and babies. Really quite cool for them to be able to practice on  these mannequins that can cough, choke, talk, react, and even perform simulated surgery on them.

They also have a hallway with many rooms that looks exactly like a doctor's office. They will hire actors to come and pretend to be sick with something so the students can learn patient interactions and how to diagnose from year 1 (yes, exactly like that Seinfeld episode).

So fun to see the beautiful school and where B will be spending all of his time. And fun that we got to have our parents with us!

Then we went out to eat downtown at a place called something I can't remember. Some draft house,  but the food was excellent.

So excited and proud of you B!

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