Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cowgirl Liv

It was cowboy day at Liv's school which meant she would get to ride a pony and have her picture taken with it, and also have a class picture. I was a little confused as to how I should dress her- like a cowgirl or in a cute non cowgirl outfit for the class picture? I decided to dress her like a cowgirl. I was sad not to have cowboy boots or a hat for her but this was the best we could do.

I put lipstick on her since it was picture day and I could tell she felt it was really special.
Whenever she notices I have lipstick on she makes me kiss her hand so that it leaves a mark and she can carry my kiss with her. So now when she wears it, she likes to kiss my hand for the same reason. 

The camera had a weird lens that did this foggy thing so these pics are a little blurry looking, but her sweet little face is just too cute. She's SO proud of her kiss marks :) Then when we got the blurry thing off she was back to being super camera shy which then turned to anger since we kept trying to get her to look and smile. I just liked that she was cuddling into me :)
ps Ignore my smeared mascara and super tired/ragged mommy look. This is me in the morning.

The final product:
They provided the vest, chaps, hat, scarf, and of course saddle and pony
Liv walked around for the next few days talking about how she got to ride a ponytail :)

Her teacher told us that Olivia got to sit on the horse for the class pic! We were kind of excited to see if this resulted in her looking like the general of the class, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the pic didn't turn out so they had a re-do. So I still got to dress her in a cute dress for her official class pics :)

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