Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall park day

We haven't gotten to the park a lot lately. With preschool, play group, and my own errands I just haven't gotten them out. I know winter is coming, so we went over to our neighborhood park (yes, we even have a neighborhood park and I still don't get over there enough!) and the girls got to have some fun!

Scarlett doesn't like slides at all! She loves the swings. I had the hardest time getting her to smile- I think her little teeth were bothering her again.

Our big bike rider girl 
Scarly ran straight for the big girl swings

I think she only went there because Liv was there. She does't look too happy about it,
but I thought she looked like such a big girl on those swings!

Can you see Scarlett swinging in the background? 
Sweetest big sis LOVES pushing her baby on the swings!

She kept saying she needed help to climb up the turtle, but I told her to keep trying because she's done it on her own before, and gave her a few pointers...and finally she did it all by herself! She was very proud and so was I.

"I CAN do it by myself!"- Liv

Halfway hanging out of the swing because she dropped her paci.

Got it back! Phew!

She has such a sweet toothy grin!

I could NOT get that girl to smile after sliding. She hated it.

All her smiles were on the swings, but of course all of those pics are blurry. Just had to throw this in there to document that she did have fun!

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