Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cuddles and pumpkins

I hate when my kids are sick, but today, as I held Scarlett and just rocked her while she cuddled so sweetly into me, I noticed that when they're sick it forces me to slow down a little and enjoy these special moments. Sometimes I get caught up running errands, doing dishes, sorting laundry, picking up toys that I don't give them my undivided attention. Its like a spinning plates act- at times I'm spinning the "clean house" plate and then that one is spinning pretty fast, but my "children" plate is spinning so slow that it might fall. That's when its time to switch gears and get some momentum going there again. Plus I hate to miss cuddly moments.

I noticed how big Olivia is one evening when she had just finished brushing her teeth and wanted me to carry her to her bed. I caught a glimpse of me holding her, with her long lanky legs hanging so far down, and it almost brought me to tears. As much as I tell her that she is way too big for me to hold now, I just realized that one day I won't be able to hold her anymore because she will truly be too big and probably won't want me too :) I love when she asks to cuddle with me. It still happens, usually at night after dinner. She'll ask to watch a show and then say, "Mom, can I cuddle with you on the couch". I have turned the water off and stopped mid-dish doing to run to the couch and cuddle with her. Those are the moments that being a Mom is the greatest job ever. And when Scarlett just wants to slow down too, and cuddle and just be with me. Those are the quiet moments where I can just be consumed in feeling my love for my baby, and hers for me.

Here's some pics from a few days ago when we painted pumpkins. Scarlett enjoyed painting the plate, chair, and her own body more than the pumpkin and Liv decided to use her fingers as paint brushes by the end :)


Russ and Misty said...

i always love to see your pictures. You are such an amazing mother!

Debi said...

This made Avery and Gma very, very happy! Avery said "Easter is coming right away today" Hmmmm...???
She said she is making a joke. Sorry the kiddos are sick :( Love your thoughts!

Danee Hansen said...

What a fun afternoon! I love Liv's determined face and Scarlett's hording all the paint :] Cuties!