Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scarlett {17 months}

Her very faint dimple!!! Only comes out with the happiest of happy smiles :) but its there!

 -THE best smile ever! Its full of teeth! If you just look at her and smile, she'll smile a big cute, chubby cheeked, toothy smile back.

-does the cutest new shoulder/rib cage shake when dancing or really happy (and usually she's really happy when she's eating :))

-sticks her finger in her mouth when asked where her mouth is

-Has a scowl or what we call 'mad eyes' 80% of the time. She's the sweetest little thing but lately she just likes to look concerned :) I'm thinking it might have something to do with teething- she is getting her last 4 teeth (canines- top and bottom) and then her mouth is FULL!

-says shoes like this "zzzzzz" (and just today she actually said shhhhh-ooooz for the first time)

I just thought she looked like such a big girl- she really wanted on the big girl swings because Liv was on those ones.

-We thought we were being so smart getting multiple blankies for her so she wouldn't have a preference, now she always wants them all! And she's to the age that she wants to carry them everywhere! The good thing is that they are interchangeable, so at night we just need to find any 2 blankets and they will work, but we just can't let her see all of them (we have about 5) or she will cry for ALL of them to be with her in bed. She'll even figure out a way to pick all of them up and then get over to me and whine for me to pick her and her 5 blankets up :)

-She counts "un, un, ew, un"

-She'll walk backwards til she hits a wall and then say "eh, eh, GO" and then start running. Its so adorable! So fun to see what they pick up (I'm sure she got this from Liv).

Love this girl SO SO SO much!
Please excuse my no make-up and dirty hair. That's me most days if I don't have to leave the house ;) and sometimes even when I do.

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Debi said...

These are ADORABLE!!! She is really growing up quickly! Did Brady tell you that she just "talked and talked" to me when I called the other day. Hilarious. MORE, more, more! I want to see every moment of this little sweetheart's life :)