Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stuckey Farm

I convinced B to take us to the pumpkin farm! It has been a tougher month for him to get all the studying in he needs to since October has so many fun activities! I didn't want to miss out on pumpkin pics though. That's a mother's right of passage! You gots to have your kid-in-a-pumpkin-patch-pic up on FB sometime in the month of Oct. ;)

He leaves every morning about 8am (sometimes earlier) and stays late (gets home anywhere from 9pm to 11pm) most weekday nights, then he will go in and study all day and into late night Sat, and home Sunday for church. So basically we don't see him until the week after the test when he can breath for about .01 seconds and then he's back to staying late every night. Its just become a way of life. Yes its sometimes tough putting the girls to bed by myself every single night, but I didn't expect anything less. At least I get to see him each night. Besides the fact that we miss HIM during the day, the toughest part is needing him to do things like cutting and hanging our rain gutter bookshelves, put together the lawn mower so I could mow, and of course it would be a dream come true to just have him home by 7pm one night so I could go to the store by myself to buy some new jeans...but I digress. If I could be a little more independent maybe I could just do those things myself, but currently I'm not that ambitious. And he is just too tired or it would be too loud with the girls sleeping by the time he gets home. Weeks are turning into months, however, and I might get sick of waiting on him.

One Saturday, he texted me and said he changed his mind and that he DID want to go to the farm, so I dropped what I was doing (in the middle of making dinner) for the opportunity to spend some family time together. Scooped the girls into the car and we went and picked him up from school! Off we went on this pumpkin adventure!

If you didn't know, Indiana is basically a bunch of corn fields with houses strategically placed in between.
Luckily I've never seen children of the corn and I kind of like the big corn stalks.

They are twins.

Cider donuts!
Liv was having a tough night unfortunately.
Sidenote: I love having this Joovey sit and stand! Best $40 I ever spent.
If I ever have another child we'll get a nicer double stroller, but this serves our needs for now.
Liv is jumping on and off so much and with this she can be totally independent.
Not to mention it is an absolute breeze to open and collapse- I'm talking one button ya'll.

Scarlett was in awe of the tractor!

Sweet little Scarlett. Father-daughter time. She was pointing and telling him all kinds of things :)

These little tween good 'ol boys were our entertainment on the tractor. Too cute and funny.

It was totally dark by this point, so our pics are a little blurry.

We took a walk through the store and saw the bees and wall of honey among other yummy things.
We came home with some all natural honey! Delicious!

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