Sunday, November 3, 2013

Easy on the eyes

The leaves here are on fire! I absolutely love crossing the reservoir and seeing all the awesome colors while driving in the city. I have been wanting to just pull off the road and get some pics, but we are always on our way to or from something (needing to get somewhere on time or needing to get home for naps for grumpy children) so it just hasn't happened. The other day, though, as we were driving by I was just shocked- the colors seem to just be getting more and more vibrant, and I said to Olivia, "Look at those treeeees!!!! They are just gorgeous! I cannot believe how beautiful they are!" and she has been pointing out "gorgeous" trees to me ever since :)

I decided we needed to just do it. So we parked across the street and took a little walk around the outside of the park to see the amazing leaves outside of the car. The colors go from greens and yellows to the vibrant oranges and reds as you continue along the path. I was snapping a million pics, and someone else pulled off the side of the road and got out to snap some pics too, so I asked her to take one of me and my girls! Couldn't have worked out more perfectly!

And now here are the million:

Scarlett gave her a hug!

I didn't want to be left out, so I asked Liv to snap a pic of me.

And she just kept snapping

Nice work Liv!

and then I just let the girls play under the trees for a while.

would that not be the best spot for family pics?

a sign of the impending winter

winter is on its way!

Liv found a friend somewhere along the way. I chuckled when I saw that as I was putting the stroller back in the car.

I decided to snap some pics as we were crossing back over the reservoir, so none of my pics do these fall colors any justice because I just shoot on auto, and the ones below in particular were taken by me simply holding my camera up with one hand and clicking while driving and looking the other direction. I was just happy that I got even the littlest bit. 

Indianapolis, you're SO easy on the eyes!

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Debi said...

Wow! These couldn't be prettier! You are all stylin' in your cute fall outfits. I bet it is fun to wear "warm" clothes again. Everybody looks so much older already
(except for you pretty momma) ;) Love and hugs !!!
Gma Debi :)