Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat

We finally got to go trick or treating on November 1st! Liv has so been looking forward to trick or treating this year- we've been watching all kinds of Halloween cartoons and she has been so excited, so I am definitely happy that we were still allowed to go out! We got a later start than we would have liked, but I'll take what I can get. We had some pizza and then into the neighborhood we went. Its always fun to be out with small crowds of people and the fall weather and colors make it perfection!

We found our friends' house which was decorated so spooky, but the girls loved it! There was a pop up zombie- it would pop up when you walked by- and Liv screamed and laughed and Scarlett just stood and stared with a great big smile on her face :) Greta goes to school with Brady and she and her husband moved into our neighborhood about a month ago!

Olivia had fun, but she was a little too nervous to go up to the doors by herself, so Brady or I had to go with her. Scarlett wasn't too interested in any of it except the walking part. LOVED the walking and running after her big sis. Those two are just the cutest sisters you ever saw! And I was very pleased that Scarly was totally in to wearing her mouse ears this time around!

They would have gone a lot longer, but Brady and I were done after 1 and 1/2 streets. And its not like any of us need more candy, so B told her that all the houses were out of candy. To be honest a few of them really were. We're lightweights, but we figured we should take advantage of still being able to call the shots. When they get a little older I'm sure we won't have a say in the matter. She was a bit sad to be done, but it was okay because we came home and sorted the candy while watching Nightmare before Christmas.

Scarlett wanted that lipstick! The whiskers not so much.

trying to pucker up

Look at those cute red lips! I think she has really pretty lips. Is that weird to say about a baby?

Ummm, can ya tell she wouldn't hold still for the application of the whiskers?

He wasn't moving fast enough for their liking.

Scarlett stopped to smell the roses. Or dandelions in this case.

Happy as a clam with her dandelion prize.

Liv with her little stash
Scarlett was dancing to "this is Halloween" for us


Debi said...

What a happy, happy Halloween!!! You all look so adorable! I love you pursing your lips while putting Scarlett's lipstick on. Ask Liv if I can come get a treat. Love seeing the "cute parents" too. Love you guys!
Gma Debi

Carrie said...

livy, penelope was a kitty cat too!! too bad we weren't together on halloween. it looks like you had lots of fun trick or treating! we miss you!