Thursday, November 21, 2013


I got new prescription, wear all the time, glasses. As we all already know, both my girls love glasses. Liv actually asked for some glasses when we were at the optical store. She was trying on all the kids ones and was begging me to buy a pair for her to play with. At $60 a pair, I did not oblige to her request.

She tried mine on, and then naturally decided she needed to wear sunglasses all the time because she claims they help her see better just like mine help me see better. It was cute. She brought them everywhere, and would put them on a pillow next to her while she slept.

Scarlett also loves glasses. She finally caught on to the fact that I would never let her take mine off my face (though she tried millions of times to do) and Liv yelled at her when she stole hers, so she found her own and joined in on the fun too :)

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