Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My little girls are my best little buddies. They come everywhere with me, and I mean everywhere. This might be TMI but they always come into the bathroom with me. Heaven forbid I close the door, those girls will be knocking/scratching/screaming at the door til I open it. And when I tell Liv that I need a little privacy she is so sweet to quickly nod her head and say okay, then walk around the back of the door and open it as wide as it goes so she can just stare at me through the crack. It really just makes me laugh. And I usually try to get a shower in while both girls are napping, but on more than one occasion I have gotten in a little late and Liv has woken up, come into the bathroom and just started playing on the bathroom floor while I shave my legs. Sometimes I don't even know she's there until I happen to glance out and am completely frightened to see someone!

They are also my best little helpers. Liv LOVE love loves to help me with dishes and laundry. Those are her favorite chores. She always pushes a chair up to the counter when I'm cooking, and Scarlett is always right beside her.

Once I ran upstairs to check emails etc while both girls were busy playing downstairs, when about 30 seconds later I hear Olivia shout "She's up here Scah-lett! Come on!" and both girls were in my room within seconds :) Yes, it can drive a person crazy not getting more than 30 seconds a day in privacy, but what could make you feel more important than knowing that you are the center of 2 little girls' world.

I am loving their ages right now. Liv is very well behaved (usually) when we go out to the grocery store, post office, etc and Scarlett is easily distracted with whatever tricks I have in my bag. There is a time limit to our outings, but for the most part I love having little sidekicks and helpers everywhere I go. I love holding Liv's tiny little hand and having Scarlett in my other arm.

Today we drove an Elderly Sister in our ward who recently had total shoulder replacement surgery to her Physical Therapy, and of course my sweet little helpers were in tow. She shared with me a bit about herself, her late husband who broke his neck 19 years into their marriage and was paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the next 28 years, when he passed away. I was moved by her love and compassion for her late husband and the realization that your life has a way of throwing you some curve balls that maybe weren't in the plan you originally had. I hope to be able to weather the storms as well as this sweet Sister has and to be as compassionate. And I hope I can teach this to my girls as well.

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This was beautiful!