Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our little convos {Liv}

L: "Daddy's good looking" {She was trying to say that he was a good looker or he's really good at finding things. I didn't correct her though :)}

M: "Can I help you open that?"
L: "Weeeeeeeeeeell, I'm trying to do it by myself. So, I need some scissors."

L: "Well I'm still little. I don't know all the rules!" (said with a quivering voice)
*she got in trouble at preschool for singing trick or treat smell my feet....pull down underwear, and she was devastated! Ran to me bawling when I came to pick her up. So sad and prob my fault because we sing it all the time together and laugh.

Spins in circles over and over, then runs to me.
L: "I'm lazy mom!" (meant dizzy)

We have a little book about dogs, one page says "Silly stretch likes to play fetch"
She wanted to read it by herself by memory and said "This dog fetch likes to play ball"

L: "The baby growing in your tummy was born in heaven. The baby is in heaven right now" (?? Does she know something we don't? I am NOT pregnant!)
M: "Oh do you think there's another sister or brother for our family, waiting to come down here from heaven?"
L: "Yeah. Like on Rapunzel" *cups hands around her mouth* "Rapunzel let down your hair!"

M: Do you want some "Mummy dogs" for lunch?
L: Yeah, I would like some Mommy dogs!
L: *as she's eating* Can I have some kid dogs after this? Do we have kid dogs?

L: *sneezes* Does it make Heavenly Father Jesus happy or sad when I sneeze?
This is her thing right now, asking all the time what makes Heavenly Father and Jesus happy because I told her once that it made them happy that she was so nice to me and Scarlett. She really is the sweetest thing. I get compliments on her sweet behavior all the time. At church her teachers have raved about her, and when there is a sub they always mention how sweet she is too! And a friend told me her daughter was sad/nervous to go into Primary and was hiding behind her Mom's legs. Olivia saw her and said, "Look, there's a seat next to me! Come sit by me!" and then her daughter got a huge smile on her face and went and sat down. Yep, my heart was about to burst.


Anonymous said...

OUCH! I miss that girl and her little girl so much! What a beautiful child she is. Pretty little spirit, pretty little face and such a pretty little mind!
Love you Olivia puppy!!!
Gma Debi :)

Anonymous said...

Oops " and her little sister"...

Danee Hansen said...

I absolutely love reading "Liv" conversations. I am so glad that you blog! I get to peek in on your guys lives :] So happy to be a part of it! Love you all!!