Monday, November 11, 2013


While I was with the girls on Saturday I was over come with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my family and my entire life. It was a special moment being there, watching my girls run and play together. They are healthy, they love each other, and me. And I get to watch them grow every day. I get to hear Scarlett say Ah-woah (ie Hello) for the first time and give her squishy little cheeks kisses all day. And I get to be the one to comfort Liv when she had hurt feelings at preschool. I love that I get to be here with them. That we get to experience life together. That we have our own house to start a fire in the fireplace and heat some hot cocoa to keep us safe and happy from the storms outside. I love that Liv wants to just cuddle with me all on her own. And that she always wants me to put her down for bed, even when B is home.

I am thankful for the gorgeous Fall colors that I get to see everywhere when I'm driving to and from here and there. Reminding me how blessed I am to know that God is the one who created this lovely place for us to live and grow with our most precious ones. Our families.

I am even thankful that I can feel myself being stretched in ways that I never expected during this time of B being away from us so much. I don't actually know that things will ever get better as far as him being home more, but I know that with time and practice I can handle it. I am thankful for good friends and good people who are genuine and sincere. That really means a lot to me. It's something I really value and hope that I can be.

I feel thankful that for the first time I feel like a real Mom. A Mom that actually has her own house to run, and makes playdates, and just knows how to handle having 2 kids all on her own (and that doesnt mean that they never misbehave or that my house is spotless). I am thankful that I get to be the one who knows every single thing about them. Likes and dislikes pertaining to food, clothes, and toys. Scarlett loves to try on everyone's shoes and dress up in dress up clothes and/or Liv's clothes. She is amazing at building block towers and loves to sit and look at books by herself. Liv hates dressing up, but loves her green rain boots. She loves for me to read to her, and she loves to play puppies or with her Minnie mouse dolls. And if you need a few minutes to yourself, she is excellent at drawing, coloring, and painting on her own. Liv loves cheese sticks, carrots, strawberries, cereal and milk, and cauliflower (and ramen noodles and pretzles etc) but hates all things meat. Scarlett loves everything, but especially meat- any kind. I call Liv my vegetarian and Scarlett my carnivore. Love them both and love how different they are from each other. Even though they are so different, they are both so sweet and love each other so much.

And I'm pretty thankful for that, too.

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Debi said...

I love seeing into your heart Taryn! I hope the very best for each of you during this exciting and yet challenging time of medical school years. I love you and pray for your health and strength both physically and emotionally. You are a trooper :)
Is there a way to get pictures off this blog to show on my FB?
Love, Proud Gma