Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scarlett's potty chair

It was getting impossible to change Scarlett's diaper. I thought Liv was bad about not wanting a dipe change, well Scarlett was worse! Don't even get me started on how difficult it was getting to change dirty diapers. Anyway, one particularly rough day I just took the girls to wal-mart and bought a potty chair. Just to introduce her to it (haha) and I have read about casual potty training and I think I will start doing some of those little things to make the day when she's really ready, a little easier.....hopefully.

She LOVES the potty. And who doesn't love that cute chubby bum? Or bumble-bee as Liv and I call it :) She loves climb on, then get off, pick it up, carry it somewhere, set it down, and get on again. 

Her mounting technique could use a little work!

Liv is the ever supportive big sister, cheering her little sis on.

And of course about a week after I bought this, she is back to being an angel for diaper changes. Go figure.

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