Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Tried yet again to get a pic of the girls in their cute outfits. I don't know how all you people always get the cutest photo of your well behaved perfectly coifed kids. Mine do not indulge me at all, when it comes to pics. Its like they can't hear me when I'm singing, making silly noises, calling their names, clapping, etc. Coincidentally, they are not impressed that I'm jumping up and down, dancing and making silly faces.....until the second the camera is down. Then they are all giggles and want me to keep doing it over and over.

We enjoyed having a relaxing Christmas Eve day all together, and then began our Christmas Eve festivities which included cheesy corn chowder for dinner, opening one present (jammies), taking tons of silly pics, dancing to Christmas songs, pretending to be Rudolph leading Santa's sleigh, sprinkling reindeer food on the front lawn, and Liv leaving her letter to Santa on the fireplace next to cookies (we forgot the milk!) and a carrot for the reindeer! They all had to share that single carrot. We're stingey.

Liv legitimately LOVES jammies, so this was maybe her fave gift of all. 

Liv was adamant that her leg be up like that :)

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