Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with yummy food, friends (we had dinner over at The Edwards home) and watching the cutest girls open presents.
Liv ran in, stopped and looked around, and then dove into her pile. She grabbed the Tinkerbell doll first and proudly showed it to me and B, then the "Tinkerbell magic" book she had asked Santa for, then she looked up at the stocking and exclaimed "A TIGEY DOLL!!!". She jumped and hit it out of the stocking all by herself and carried it with her for the rest of the day :)

Scarlett LOVED her stroller but thought the opening presents part was only okay. She really enjoyed handing us all the little pieces of paper she had ripped off the packages, and then playing with all the toys Liv had already opened.

They both were so adorable to watch afterward, playing with all the toys, dressing up in dress-up, having a tea party, and Liv singing original songs while strumming her guitar. These girls make life so sweet!


Santa nibbled his cookie into the shape of a beard and placed it on the plate accordingly

Liv was saying "I wonder why Santa gave me this? I never asked for it"
And that was my response! "He just thought you might like it"


This is a knit pillow with little side rings for your arms to go through.
I KNEW Liv had to have it. She calls it her huggy pillow and
uses it when she needs to let out a good cry (which is almost a daily occurance)

What? You think I'm going to let that piece of cookie Santa left go to waste?!

Liv was SO suprised by this one. We all went to Michael's together and she really wanted this Frozen paint book but we said no. Brady got it and hid it under some other things in the cart and bought it for her when she wasn't looking :)


Daddy's been here

Oh my gosh! This breakfast was delicious! Creme Brulee French Toast!
Best part: I made it the night before and then popped it in while opening stockings...
warm and ready to eat when we were done. Obvi, so divine I couldn't even get a pic before it was gone!
Last note: Love the his and hers mugs I got B and me for Christmas :)

Dressing up in her Olivia pig safari/ballerina outfit

Checking on Daddy playing with his presents (tools).
He was making our Kitchen table!!

This princess is making some important calls on her new cell
She's got an awesome hairstylist, dont you think?

Liv's haul 

Scarlett's haul

She slept with her little dog in a sleeping bag (thanks Grammy and Grampy!) sharing a pillow with her walking/barking dog, and her huggy pillow sharing another pillow with her safari scope and tigey. All of then tucked in snug as a bug!

Merry Christmas!!!

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