Monday, December 9, 2013

Pre-school Rudolphs

It was nice to have my parents here when I taught preschool because my Mom was able to help me with a craft, and then they took Scarlett out of the house! It was much easier to focus on just these kiddos when I didnt have sweet little Scarlie hanging on my arm ;)

We learned about the 5 senses and cooking safety (random because we have to combine lessons in order to fit them all in), made a SMELL page with glue and different spices, used a blindfold and then ear plugs to see how important seeing and hearing is, played hide and seek with a whistle so the kids could look for someone by listening where the sound was coming from, then we baked and decorated sugar cookies and made Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer headband!

The kids were cute with the headbands and crawled around like reindeer. They asked me to be santa so they could pull me on their sleigh :)

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