Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas things

Before my parents left they bought a gingerbread house kit. Liv was begging and begging me to do it and I kept telling her that we could do it when Daddy got home, but I gave in and decided we could start it. It was comical, me trying to get the 4 walls up. It would be up and then slowly fall down one by one. I cursed it and we had to wait for B to come home anyway!

He was able to get it to work and then the girls and I had fun decorating!

A portrait of our family by Olivia. 
Dad, Mom, Liv, Scarlett
I love that B has curly hair and I have a bun!

Our Christmas cards came!

And Liv and I made sugar cookies

Love that Santa! These are all cookie cutters from my childhood
that my Mom gave me just before we left Texas.
And I got these stickygrams in the mail! Some of my favorite moments.

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