Friday, December 6, 2013


We woke up to about 3 inches of snow!! We gathered all the snow gear we had and mixed some things together to get the girls covered up and cozy for the frigid air outside.

Scarlett was adorable in all her gear, and could barely walk. She had to wear Liv's boots, and Liv wore her green rainboots that she loves so much.

She's got the sweetest chubby baby face!

Snow Angel!

Liv is making another snow angel ;)

Liv wanted to make a snowman so bad, but the snow was not packable at all. Grampy helped her get the ice and made a snowman for her :) Such a sweet Gramp!

And after ward, he made snow cream!

To end the "snow" fun, Liv did a snow man craft!

Grampy and Scarlett relaxing by they fire.

This girls is such a chunk and we LOVE it! What a cutie!

Meanwhile, Grammy and Liv make cookies!!

Liv loves her new apron from Grammy :)

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