Thursday, December 5, 2013

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum downtown and stayed for SIX hours. We had so. much. fun! And my sweet parents upgraded our membership, so if you come visit us we can get you in free too! Our family pass now covers 2 friends also.

It's Jolly Days at the museum and the decor was just so fun for my girls! We saw Santa, went down the slide, ice fishing, ice skating, snowball fight, saw a ton of miniature scenes, made it snow in the giant snow globe, explored dinosaur land, went on a dig, dressed up like a dinosaur and hatched some dino eggs, re-built some Terra Cotta soldiers, saw a real train, played with trains, dressed like a train conductor, went down the slide again, played in a snow castle, rode the carousel, groomed a reindeer, went through a fun house, rode the carousel again, went the slide AGAIN, and when we left it was snowing!!! And would you believe after all this and all that time, we still haven't seen the whole museum?! Plus we did more than just what this little list includes. What an absolutely wonderfully fun day with Grampy and Grammy!!!

Like I said, we stayed for 6 hours, so there are a whole of pics. I'll just let them do the talking.

Olivia had so much to chat about with Santa. Scarlett was quiet as a mouse.

Watching a singing and dancing show on the lower level while we wait in line for the slide.

I loved these snowflakes, probably more that the girls.

Me and my baby are next in line!

So much fun! Felt like a kid again!

Ice Fishing

She loved the little flying Santa and reindeer

Giant snow globe

Liv the dino girl.

Babies in goggles :)

Building the Terra Cotta soldiers

Posing like him :)

Trains, trains, trains

Babies in conducter uniforms :)

Chihuly exhibit

Grampy and Scarlett going down the slide!

Liv and Grammy going down the slide!

Snowball fight!

There are so many fun craw spaces for kids to hide in, and look in special little window with magical scenes inside.

Going down the slide of the snow castle. You can see a crawl space in the lower right corner.

Ice skating with socks

Grooming the reindeer

Scar liked poking him in the eye

Liv like brushing his fur, and even his antlers.

More crawl space fun


Fun House

Sweet girls with their Grammy (and Grampy behind Liv).

View from the 4th floor

Chihuly! We first saw his work at the Arboretum in Dallas.
Fun to be reminded of home!

And the snow begins!

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