Saturday, December 14, 2013


Woke up to another snowy day! I could sit and watch snow fall all day, its just so beautiful when it falls so softly. Of course Liv wanted to get outside as fast as possible to play and go "slidding" with the "slid". I made some omelets, which Brady, Scarlett, and I ate and then we spent 15 minutes getting them dressed and in their snow gear! I swear it is crazy how many "things" you have to put on- hats, gloves, socks, pants, shirt, snow pants, coat! Brady helped me get the girls ready and then said he was leaving, but I convinced him that he should stay and come "slidding" since he didn't get to last time, and he needs to take advantage of the fact that we can sled in our backyard!!

He decided to stay once he saw me and Olivia having a snowball fight :) We all went down the hill a couple times, Olivia ended by going on her stomach and swimming down the hill. B and Liv made a big snowman while I took Scarlett inside and we scrounged for items to use as eyes, mouth, buttons, and nose. I made hot chocolate and we all enjoyed it! It was a perfect morning and I'm glad B was able to stay. This was one of those times I just feel so blessed to have such a sweet family.

Liv's happy little face! Its little moments like these that I am so grateful for.

So snowy and beautiful

And then I had to shovel the whole driveway by myself, while Liv cried because she wanted to shovel but when I tried to let her the shovel was too heavy for her to push. She was sad that shoveling was "difficult". I said me too. And I was serious.

I wondered if people were watching me from their windows and laughing. A bit narcissistic yes, but keep in mind it was STILL snowing, I was getting hot so I took off my coat, so then my hair was dripping, and my shirt was starting to be pretty damp, and I was heave ho-ing the snow from side to side. Even the plow man stopped and yelled from his window, "As heavy as this snow is, your husband should be the one out here shoveling". I just smiled and mumbled something like "I know".

This was my first time shoveling in my entire life. Not fun. But I was proud of the finished product! And happy to have something that I don't HAVE to depend on B for.

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Debi said...

Yipeeeee...Christmas for GMA Debi :) I love new posts. Thanks for the fun updates and adorable pictures. I am thankful and proud of all you guys! Miss you like CrAzYYYYYYY