Saturday, April 5, 2014

Med School Prom

Brady asked me to 'med school prom' one random night. I said my answer was no until he asked in a more creative way. I mean, its not everyday an almost 30 year old woman gets asked to prom!

I was literally thinking a post it note on the counter or on my windshield would be great. Nothing too fancy or too time consuming. He is in medical school after all. I thought he forgot, but low and behold, morning of, there was a knock on the door and a fruit bouquet on the doorstep! Olivia was totally flattered that her Daddy would do such a thing for 'us'. 

Chocolate crem brulee

It was a late night, the girls were already asleep when the baby-sitter came over. We stayed at the dance for a few hours mingling, hors devour-ing, and even got a couple slow dances in and then went to grab some dessert with a few other couples.  It was cool to be out chatting and conversing with other humans over the age of 4, but my favorite person that I got to chat and flirt with was my husband (duh). Date nights are pretty rare, so when they roll around it's always nice to remember how much I still love this guy.

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