Sunday, November 30, 2014

The day after Thanksgiving

In our house it's not Black Friday, it's just the day after Thanksgiving. There is no rushing, shopping, or driving. Just sitting around, playing, eating leftovers, watching movies, and being together!
Maybe when the girls are a little older we'll try the shopping.

This year we decided to take advantage of the great military discount we get on Marriott Hotel rooms and go stay a night at the JW in Indianapolis. We would be right downtown and close enough to walk to the "Circle of Lights" tree lighting event they do every year! We had to go swimming of course immediately when we got to the hotel (just me and Liv) and then we went up and got dressed to leave. Livy was SOOO excited to see the lights! Once we started walking her tune changed. It was chilly and she just does not do well in cold weather (even though she had on a puffy down coat, the warmest mittens, socks and boots...I definitely should have layered her pants).

Scarlett loved seeing and meeting Anna and Elsa, Mickey and Minnie, and SANTA!! Scarli the ever joyful girl was dancing and having a grand ole time! While sweet Liv was ready to go, but waited so we could see the lights and fireworks!

 I know this is overkill, but its too funny to look at all the faces they pull! Liv would not stop coughing except when we weren't taking pics, and Scarlett was hamming it up :) I was just enjoying my two cuties.


Debi said...

What a wonderful trip! Sorry that lil Livy wasn't feeling better. Loved all the pictures. You are an adorable family!!!!
Gma Debi

Debi said...

I must say...those sweet babies are just too ADORABLE!!!!