Friday, April 3, 2015

Coloring eggs {2015}

We have been doing "Easter week" activities over here since last Sunday (Palm Sunday). It has been fun to teach the girls about the events leading up to Christ's resurrection. I have always felt like we should make Easter as "fun" as Christmas since it is a really important holiday, and too often we didn't say much about it until Easter Sunday. One day is just not enough to celebrate the atonement and resurrection of Christ, nor is it enough to explain to a child the true meaning of the holiday. I've enjoyed teaching (and learning) about each day of the Savior's last week.

This has nothing to do with what I wrote above, but it has been gnawing at me that I havent been so good about recording what our family has been doing, so I decided to throw some pics up from tonight. 

Olivia was super into painting the eggs and I love the concentration on her cute face! Each girl got 5 eggs to color and somehow all of Scarlett's ended up being about the same color :) We just used Kool-aid to color eggs this year. Super cheap, super easy, super not stinky (no vinegar), and super washable!

Love that sweet innocent face trying to put her apple in the egg cup.

From left to right: Scarlett's, Brady's, mine, Liv's

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