Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boy or Girl?

We're having a boy!
I was pretty sure I was pregnant with a boy because I haven't been anywhere near as nauseous this time (compared to both my other pregnancies) and had no food aversions. The only way I even knew I was really pregnant was that I was SOOOO tired. I had to go to bed at 9 or 9:30 every night, and for this night owl it seemed so strange to be going to bed so early. I couldn't fight it, and that one time that I did fight it and stay up til 11 (I normally stay up til 12 or so), I had a headache all day the next day, so I never fought it again ;) And I just might be converted for the rest of my life! 
Sleep = good :)
Probably won't be going to bed at 9:30 but 10:30 seems like a reasonable hour these days.
Besides being tired and craving salty foods and fruit (strawberries and green grapes), I haven't had too many other symptoms.

The sweet little girls have been just dying to know if its a baby brother or sister in my tummy, especially Olivia. She is beyond excited to get "her own" baby! She has been begging for me to have another baby for at least a year, if not longer. She would sometimes draw pictures of our family with a baby drawn in also, and she took a huge interest in baby dolls (more than ever before). She spots babies (and dogs) from a mile away and will always want to go over and say hi to the baby. Many of her friends have a baby brother or sister so that has only fueled her desire to have one of her own!

Scarlett has always loved babies and baby dolls, so she is also very excited; however, I don't think she fully understands what it all means. She will say hi to the baby in my tummy and then talk about the baby in her tummy :) 

Both girls have been saying they thought it was a baby boy, until of course we took this video and Scarlett decided girl. I think she was a little confused, she really wanted some pink frosting regardless of what the baby was! After all, pink is her favorite color (and Liv's favorite color is blue)!

We used this picture to announce on facebook that I was pregnant and having a boy! Olivia actually saw the "baby boy" we had written on the chalkboard and asked, "What's that for?" I figured she couldn't read it and wouldn't put it together (we hadn't told them yet) . She said, "Why does it say boy". Brady said "where" trying to buy time to think of what to say. She said, "well I know that word says "boy".....the blue word right there". Luckily Brady said, "it says 'girl or boy'"! And that worked. Phew. 

And then she drew this cute picture of our family, that I ended up using to slyly announce on instagram that I was pregnant, and posted the "baby boy" pic the following day to confirm.

One more story, I was watching someone else's gender reveal where they used a box and opened it up and blue or pink balloons came out, and Olivia saw it and decided that I had to do that for her! I never planned on doing that, and frankly, I'm too lazy. Papering a big box and then decorating it so cute, and going to party city for helium balloons sounded like a lot of work (read above where I talk about how tired I am), so when it was finally time I just asked her if she would rather have a cake instead of a box of balloons- and she shouted "Yeah! Cake! Cake!" :) Calling in to have someone else make a cake for me, way more up my alley these days. To be totally honest, I had not planned on doing anything, I was just going to have them come to the ultrasound with us and they could hear right from the US tech's mouth whether it was a boy or girl! I still think they would have had just as much fun doing it that way, but they sure wanted some cake!! And we ended up finding out 4 weeks earlier so it all worked out just as it was meant to!


Kathleen McDonald said...

I wanted pink... Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

This is so fun! I have watched many times and I'm sure I'll watch it a thousand more times! I love watching those cute girls! The true anticipation and then excitement on Liv's face is priceless! Scarlett is so cute and excited - but also has a darling look of "I'm not sure totally sure what's going on, but we get cake!!! And I'm going to have a brother -Yay"! So fun to see it firsthand! Thank you so much for posting!
WE are thrilled with the BABY news and the BOY
Love you all,
Mom and Dad, g&g