Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yellowstone 8.18.10 {waterfalls}

On our last full day we decided to hike to some waterfalls. As we pulled into our parking space at the head of the hiking trail, we saw this Buffalo just standing right in front of our truck!

Grandpa carried Liv on his back

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Hay, me, and Debi

Look how powerful that water is! It was crazy to be that close.

I kept Liv a little further back

A view from higher up...

...and now a little closer

We ALL made sure to keep hydrated.


Then we drove to another trail head to hike over to Tower Falls.

Just some cool looking wormwood.

The overlook

So we kept going when all the sudden we saw this beautiful river.

Kept going and the trail ended at this river, which was awesome, but we were all a little confused since we thought we were hiking to a waterfall.

Apparently, the trail to tower falls was closed. For some reason none of us really thought about the fact that the sign said 'Tower Falls overlook' and then had a board nailed to cover the part that most likely said 'Trail to Tower Falls'.

This river was beautiful though. I think I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the falls as much as I enjoyed skipping rocks (lets be honest- for me it was more like throwing rocks into the river while watching B skip rocks) and dipping my feet in the water.
B thought it would be a good idea to get on that rock.

On the way to get ice cream, Livy woke up (she had been napping with grandma and grandpa in the truck while we were hiking to the river), had her milk, and was happy as can be!

Milk running EVERYWHERE!

Old fashioned Yellowstone tours! We didn't take one, we just took a photo with the cool bus.

Livy wanted to eat everyone's ice cream, and then tried on Grandpa's sunglasses :)

The day ended with a bear hunt.
While B was out perfecting his ladder ball skills, a man came over to tell him that he had spotted a bear about 50 feet away. Naturally, he came in to round up the troops to go find that bear! In all honesty I thought it sounded like fun, but Pat and Debi had already missed the river hike to stay with Livy, so I thought it would be best this time for me to stay with her. As exciting as it sounded, the thought of stumbling upon a wild bear also frightened me a bit.
Unfortunately, they didn't find that bear.
Fortunately, we took one last dip in the hot tub!


Laura Beth said...

I can't wait until we're real life friends. Can Jeremy and I get the invite on some of the these sweet adventures? Looked like a blast!! Keep em' coming!

AmyJ said...

I feel like I'm reliving my trip through your photos!! We went to the SAME spot to look down that waterfall!! We didn't get to the river though...I kinda wish we had, it looks way cool! I love that photo of B on the rock :)

AmyJ said...

ps...oh! and we went to those same shops and deli!! At least it looks like the same one...