Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Around this time one year ago}

brady had just taken the MCAT
we were making finishing touches on the nursery
i was gearing up to start the journey that is dental hygiene school
my pregnancy was coming to an end


brady is in the middle of the application process to med school
there is a chubby little teething girl that lives in the nursery
dental hygiene school is more than halfway over
and we have the most precious {almost} one year old baby ever

funny how much life changes in a year. so excited to see where we'll be this time next year :)


caroline said...

time flies when you're having fun...and when you're in hygiene school, and raising a baby, and applying to med school and so on!:) I'd like to say that it gets better and slower after you graduate, or after Brady graduates...but it doesn't. So it's a good thing you are good at enjoying it and documenting the highlights. Good luck this year!! We're thinking of you and cheering you guys on!
ps- love love love all the beautiful pictures from your trip!!

caroline said...

yikes! that was the longest comment ever!

brook said...

wow, lots of changes in one year....
crazy how time flies
and how we are all molded