Thursday, September 2, 2010

Park City

We spent last week with my family in PC!
Livy loves her Grampy (and I think the feeling is mutual)

We had a delicious spread of cheeses, meats, and breads so we could all come up with our own pitas. And also those delicious salads that I still need to get the recipe for.
Livy spent most of her time learning how to climb the stairs, or playing with her cousie Addie.
She wanted to do everything Addie was doing :)
Jack doing a headstand
We took a stroll down Main St for fun, and grabbed some treats.
The boys- I can't remember what was so funny.
Oh, and my hair is red. I dyed it the night before we left and I'm still not sure about it.
Brady likes it, but I think I might dye it dark again tonight or tomorrow.


kjirsten said...

Oh! I'm so jealous . . . what fun you all had without us :( Sure wish we could have been there. I loved all your pics. though, felt like I got to experience a little bit too! Love you so much!

p.s. I REALLY like the red hair! (and the cute turquoise shoes :)

Anonymous said...

PC is great fun! I loved swimming, walking around downtown, hiking with the grandkids around the Canyons, gondola rides, Olympic Village, treats, good food, movies, and lots of love and laughter! GREAT week!!
love you all,