Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Double Date

On Friday we went on a double date to Provo Beach Resort. 
We did the Ropes Course! I was a scaredy baby, but after about two times across the ropes I realized its not scary at all. 
I would even say it was fun, and they could stand to spice it up a little more :)

I traded in my heels for these sexy bowling shoes.

Erica getting harnessed

Erica and Isaac


B and Isaac decided to try their hand at karyoke. They sang Sweet Caroline. See how B is not singing into his mic? That's kinda what he did the whole time. 
Way to go Isaac! 
When I teased B about it afterward he gave me some story about how his mic wasn't working. Boo hoo, we'll have to go back and do it again!


We ended the night with some delish dessert from The Chocolate. Yummmm!

Thanks to our sweet Auntie who saved the day and babysat for us!


danielle said...

yall are so cute! glad you got a date night after all those days of never seeing each other!looks like fun!

Laura Beth said...

Oh Taryn! You have one of the prettiest smiles! Looks like a fun date... you need to come here now and try Tree-go. That would give you a run for your money haha

BradyH said...

...Sounds like someone wants to show me how its done on the stage?? ;)

JeffKathnkids said...

I'm glad you had fun! I was so excited to play with Liv... You need to go out again!!

Anonymous said...

Fun date night!