Monday, April 11, 2011

Senior Banquet

Last Thursday was our senior banquet! I had everyone send me pics they had of our last two years in school and made a slideshow for the class. We watched the slideshow while we ate, and then Megs and I read out the awards we had all voted on. I have become such great friends with these girls and I am getting really sad to not see them everyday.

Everyone with their significant other 

This is what she did basically the whole time. Serves us right for taking her out right after she was recovering from her little flu.

 Until Miss Eva came to her rescue and they played like besties.
Eva's going to be such a sweet big sis.

Me and Jess
Me and Jaymilyn aka Eva's mom 

Between running around with Livy and getting the slideshow and awards together I didn't get a chance to eat, so I thought it would be a great idea to just eat cake.

Afterwards, several of us went up to Midway to stay at Megs' parents condo in Zermatt. It was so much fun to have one last hurrah with these lovelies!

Deciding what we should write for the other team to act out (for charades)

Just know that we didn't hold anything back 

Britt acting out an 'extreme infraction'
Megs playing minute to win it... seductively (different game) 
 It was kind of out of control, and I had so much fun!


Laura Beth said...

I love your outfit Taryn! Why can't you be un-married so I could convince you to come move to Calgary and be my roommate so we could share closets? hahah

Congrats on LIFE.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to end an amazing two years! I love the slide show - you are so good at that! I love that you all got to get together and continue the celebration with all the girls you've grown to love! I'm happy for blogs and that you can continue to keep in touch!