Thursday, April 14, 2011


Getting ready

I love my cute mom and dad!

 I also can't get enough of this jack-o-latern smile!

Ceremony time

Presenting our class gift to Dr. Molen and Co.


Waiting to receive our diplomas


And immediately following me walking across the stage this little girl was DONE!
This is how she got to spend her time, while the rest of us were locked inside (haha)!

 Celebrating with dinner!
We put the crazy horse (Liv) to bed and went out for din-din with my fam. 
The original plan was to take her with us, but man oh man. She was not havin it. Thank goodness for good neighbors!

Two of my sistees

 And its over. I still don't know if I can believe it. Twenty months of Dental Hygiene school is over. 
No more clinic 3 times a week, no more waking up early and sneaking out of the house so as not to wake my sleeping baby and husband, no more sitting so long in a classroom that my bum becomes numb, no more PE's, no more papers, no more group projects, no more staying up til midnight to study!!! I am so grateful for my family who is always there for me. My sister Carrie and her family for always being willing to come and be my patient on short notice. My in-laws for their support and help with Olivia. My husband for listening to me cry and have nervous breakdowns/anxiety attacks on a regular basis. And for still loving me and doing everything in his power to help me. I know I know, I'm not accepting an Academy Award so I'll just stop there. But I really am incredibly grateful ALL of my friends and family who supported me through this crazy time!
Although it seemed like it would never ever end, it did. And we did it! 
And I am SO happy!


Laura Beth said...

Your academy speech was much better then mine. I wrote two sentences and I felt like I'd been talking for years.. wait until I graduate. I'll probably talk for days thanking people.

I can't believe you really do it (well, I can) but seriously.. it seems like we have been dreaming of graduation since the first time we ever had a chat on facebook.. YOU DID IT.. YAYAYYAYA.

Megan said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You are awesome, I never could have done what you have. Enjoy your new found freedom and basking in the awesomeness of your accomplishments!

Carrie said...

and we're SO proud of you! you did it!

Candi said...

You are amazing!!!!

mandy harline said...

yippeee!!! yahoo!!!! hooray!!!! you can do anything now that you've done that :) congratulations a million times and ENJOY your free time relaxing and playing with your family and friends. hope to see you down here in texas in the future!

Kris and Megan said...

GO TARYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful post, that is so much to celebrate. Way to go, I would have never been able to juggle it as well as you seem to have done! I bet your family and especially Brady and Olivia are so proud of you! Congrats on a goal you made so long ago finally accomplished.

caroline said...

First of all -you looked so BEAUTIFUL that day!!
Second of all-yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! We're so happy for yand all are in awe of all that you accomplished!
We can't wait to see you guys in the near future! Love ya!

caroline said...

Sorry for the typos....darn iPad auto yand even a real word?

Stephany said...

Congratulations Taryn! How exciting and what an accomplishment. I am so happy for you, Brady and Olivia. You did it!

Scottie and Angie said...

WOW you did it girl!!! I am soooooooooooooo so so proud of you, and I am so amazed with how you handled such a busy life! Congrats:)

kjirsten said...

CONGRATUALTIONS TEENSIE!!!!! We are SOOOOO proud of you! That is a HUGE accomplishment, AND in the midst of "real life" (like husband and baby). Speaking of husband and baby, they are real troopers too . . . but you'll probably be able to return the favor when Brady heads off to Medical School!! You are quite a couple . . . we love you VERY much!!

Mrs. Ham said...

it's OVER!!!!! Dental Hygiene school is OVER... please tell me you have seen that porlandia video of the guy saying it's over? i'm so happy i got to sit next to you on stage! love you girl! and that little livy too!

Tyler + Zahara said...

So happy for you girl! After having this adorable baby for a week, I am blown away on how you did it during school! You are truly amazing and I definitely have new admiration for you :) Congrats to us for being done!

Dave and Jessica said...

Love the pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time...oh and Livy is beautiful! Just beautiful like her momma!

Mike and Sarah said...

Congratulations Taryn! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so proud of you! All of your hard work sure paid off (and Brady's and Liv's too!)! You looked beautiful and relaxed and excited! WE were all so proud to see you and hear you and watch you get that DIPLOMA!!! Even the littlies were waving and saying your name everytime they saw you! What a night! Dinner was also amazing and delicious and so fun to be all together!
Way to go, sweet Taryn!
Love you, mom and dad