Saturday, April 30, 2011

Liv makes a friend

 His name is Hoppy. She named him all by herself.

love at first sight

"are you you hungry, Hoppy?"
"don't worry, i'll save you!"

"we'll be best buddies forever!"
*Wish we could take credit for this adorable Mr. Potato head bunny, but it was from her Grammy and Grampy :)


Laura Beth said...

You guys catch the most PRICELESS facial expressions! Picture number 3 is my fave :)

Tyler + Zahara said...

ha this is adorable! I especially love the "Hoppy!" picture!

danielle said...

so cute! her faces are too funny! she is quite expressive!

Anonymous said...

YAY for a "Hoppy" relationship! I'm so glad she loves him/her(?). I love all the adorable faces of Liv!
I think you did Easter great and probably doing Eater SAturday for candy and Easter Sunday for what is really important is a great idea! The countdowns sound really great, too!