Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rooftop Concert: Fictionist

The day after my big test, we went to this concert! 
I was extremely excited seeing as how I missed all of this concert series last year.

Who were we sitting right behind you ask?

That would be local celebrity CJane herself 
(the lovely lady who put this whole thing together, and also NieNie's sister)
We said a few words to each other, but I mostly kept my mouth shut because I tend to sound like an idiot most of the time I talk.
Were we sitting in a reserved area that we probably weren't supposed to be sitting in? Yes. 

So, when the opportunity presented itself, we grabbed new seats when someone conveniently decided to leave. 
You snooze you loose.
Paul Jacobson and the Madison Arm


Going to concerts was such a big part of our dating life. We still love to go, we just don't seem to be as rich. 
Oh, and we have a kid. 
Therefore, I love all the free summer concerts in Utah. 
Add that to the list of reasons I will be sad to leave.

ps everyone should go to at least one of these concerts. so fun. and neon trees and the lower lights are coming...so mad we won't be here anymore to see either.

see previous post about the lower lights here


Leandra said...

I never had a real interest in the concert series...until now. so thanks for making me feel like I have to go to them all now :) Looks really really fun, and you had me at Neon Trees.

PS, celeb sighting! I'm jealous. I've met Nie Nie but would love to meet Cjane. And actually I really want to meet lucy for some weird reason :)

taryn said...

Leandra, I know! I can't believe Neon Trees is doing a free concert. It will be crazy. I'd love to actually meet Nie Nie. Brady met Nie Nie and Christian because they come to Simply Mac. I just have to tell you Lucy was sitting right next to CJane, haha. I wonder what they would think of our conversation right now? Probably just that we're crazy.

Tyler + Zahara said...

Your leaving!? where are you going and when? ha love all my demanding questions?

taryn said...

We'll be moving to Texas probably end of July...that's the plan as of now, but we just had another discussion tonight and there are some other options now we are weighing. No matter what we will be going to TX sometime this summer. Not sure when or for how long.