Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last weekend we (along with Ryan, Avery, Haylee, and Pat) drove down to Richfield to visit Grandma Hansen. 
She was surprised to see us! It was fun and she is just so sweet.

Liv was in her own world the whole time and had me worried that she was hard of hearing (haha). Cute cousin Avery was so sweet with her and wanted to copy everything she did. 
For some reason Liv was into crossing her arms...

Crossing her arms again

Pat took us all out to eat and then we spent some time outside on the grass.

Avery and Liv coloring at Grandma's house
I decided to ditch the long sleeved jammy shirt because it was too hot, so that's why she's mismatched.

A photo of a photo of Grandpa Don and Grandma Betty.
After the girls went to bed, we stayed up and had popcorn and ice cream and watched a movie.

Morning with Livy's Grandpa Pat

We spent the morning frolicking in the front yard and enjoying the summer sun. 
These two cute cousin liked to hold hands.

Doing the dishes at Great Grandma Hansen's

We had lunch at Pam and Jack's and lots of fun visiting with family.

Liv and Avery spent hours playing in the pool. At first they were outside of the pool just throwing things in, but then I saw Liv get in, in her clothes, and I decided I didn't care.

We threw the dresses in the dryer and let them have at it. Liv love love loves water. She was in heaven splashing around in there.

She figured out that pinecones are great natural cups, and was happy as a clam sipping the water out of it. It was just one of those days that I just didn't have the energy to stop her.

Little buddies (with little plumber bums)


Laura Beth said...

So so so cute Taryn. That last picture cracks me up. How far apart are they in age? Such beautiful little ladies =)

Tyler + Zahara said...

Fun! I love all your pictures :) I especially love the saggy diapers from the all the water on the cute girls haha