Thursday, September 8, 2011

Park City

We got to spend some time in Park City with my family before we left Utah.

While there we went swimming a lot. 
Biggie (One of my many names for Liv. She's just such a big girl now) loved the kiddie pool because it was only 1 foot deep. She can now jump to me in the deeper pool and go under. She loves it. 

She would get cold in the pool sometimes and just want to cuddle, but not get out. 

When it was time to get out, she always wanted what she calls a "towel hug". Basically we'd swaddle her in the towel.


It was fun to go to the farmer's market too.

I was bummed that they didn't have any mint limeade (like last year), but these fresh fruit sorbets helped me get over it. They were so yummy!

We also went to Uncle Kerry's Barn to swim. 
Brady and Brett couldn't get enough of doing flips and dives off the rock wall (and climbing too). Livy liked the little kiddie pool and kiddie slide.

First they had to play a few games of ping pong to establish who was the best (it was Brady, by the way) and then they moved to the pool. Don't you love their cheerleader?

My Dad spraying everyone with the water gun :)

We finished off with some fishing, and caught a couple of little guys.

Thanks Uncle Kerry and Aunt Eunice! We had so much fun!

The Bodines were playing a free outdoor concert while we were there. 
It was nice to get out and enjoy the view, weather, music, and good company.

Liv immediately started clapping and waving her arms in the air when she heard the music.

Carrie, me, and Shannon

Love these two

And this photo kills me. I laugh every single time.

We also went to Main Street one night and enjoyed some Java Cow's ice cream, and then of course there was my cousin Matt's wedding (which was why my parents were out in the first place)! I'll have to post a few of the pics from the wedding (I didn't get many) and a video of Livy's sweet dance moves :)


Kendra said...

Ok, you have some freaking adorable pictures of that darling little girl of yours. I love all the cuddle pictures (cause come on, cuddling with your baby/little one is the best) and the towel burrito picture is awesome too. So dang cute!

Scottie and Angie said...

YIPPEE for the update!!! Looks like you had a great time, i just love being about to spend time with family.

caroline said...

love all of the pictures! park city looks dreamy!!

brook said...

ohmygoodness the towel hug melts my little heart
miss you, tare! that baby girl of yours is gorgeous