Sunday, October 23, 2011

Howdy Folks

Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!!! 
(in the iconic voice of Big Tex)

We finally made it to the fair! I've been waiting 8 years to get to go back to fair park and enjoy all the goodness the fair has to offer. I have such fond memories of fair days when our school district would take a day off from school so we could go to the fair! I love memories of going with my family when I was little, and then when I was older with my friends. I remember being super excited to go to the Utah state fair and then being thoroughly disappointed, and never going back, ha!

You see, the fair out here is just something special. Its HUGE, like there is too much to do. We didn't get to see all the shows or go to all the exhibits (or eat all the food), but we had such a fun time! We were so happy that my parents got to come with us too!

We went to "Little Hands on the Farm" (or something like that) and Liv must have enjoyed it because she was so serious. She did everything we asked her to do, I can't explain it right, but she was really cute with the whole thing. It basically teaches kids what we as consumers get from different animals. She got to feed all the different animals some corn feed and then collect "their items" in her basket (eggs from the hens, milk from the cow, wool from the sheep, etc)

 If you were wondering, she wouldn't let me fix her hair after she woke up from her nap, so this is what you get.

She had already fed the (fake) cow in his bucket and she was supposed to milk it. She didn't quite understand what to do so instead she dropped some corn under the udder.

At one point they gave her some seeds to plant and water in the garden. She wanted to stay and garden all day :)

After planting the seeds she got to harvest all the veggies she "grew"

She LOVED driving the tractor around to drop off the feed to the pigs

At the end the kids "go to market" and drop off all the goods they collected and farmed, and the market paid them some money. They then get to go to a little store and buy one treat with their money. Liv walked in, saw the grocery cart full of crackers, threw her money in, and tried to steal that cart. Luckily it was tied to the wall, otherwise she probably would have been out of sight in .2 seconds.

Thanks Little Hands on the Farm!

Then, we made our way over to the petting zoo, where we fed sheep, cows, kangaroos, and had an ostrich steal our cup of feed! There were LOTS of animals in there (zebras, camels, llamas, lambs, pigs, and more and more)

The Mommy sheep was gobbling up any food we put in front of her, and then her little baby came up and I started feeding it. Liv liked the baby and wanted to feed the baby, but the Mommy kept sticking her nose out and taking the food from Liv. It was funny, and finally Liv closed her hand when the Mommy came and said "no" and shook her head. I grabbed some food so I could keep the Mommy busy and Liv could feed the little baby.

I just decided that I'm going to break it up into 2 posts because there are already a ton of pics in here, and there is a lot of fair left to see. Stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What wonderful memories were made this day. Wish we could have seen her "live" ! Glad you guys all had such a great time at the fair.
Couple of my favorites were when she almost stepped out of her shoes watching the kangaroo, feeding the cow's udder, and going down the path with her little basket.
I love my little OLIVIA :)

Love, Gma Hansen

Carrie said...

i love how serious she was. so cute! what a fun little thing for her to get to do.

caroline said...

love her outfit and sparkly shoes- and all of her cute expressions! She loved little hands on the farm!!! We have done that with each of our kids minus Lily!! maybe next year. good times! once again, we wish we lived closer so that we could go with you guys!