Monday, October 24, 2011

Texas State Fair {part 2}

I need to mention that the weather dropped 25 degrees and it was absolutely perfect! I've never been to this fair without it being pretty hot, but this day was amazing. Notice my scarf and Liv's cardigan. You don't always get to wear those things in Texas at this time of year.

We continued to "fair" by eating some fried foods. They have all kinds of fried stuff from fried moon pies, s'mores,  ding dongs, and apple pie to fried lemonade and beer (how is that possible?). We tried the fried bubblegum because it was the 2011 winner. I wasn't a fan, but my dad liked it. 

We walked around and enjoyed some music, first was an Irish band that Liv was seriously digging, then a little more walking got us to a country band. While listening to the country music, B decided to get a nasty smoked turkey leg. Nasty to me, not to him or (apparently) Liv. She was chowing. down. on that thing.

A little later my mom, dad, and I got some corn dogs, and we all walked through a couple of exhibits (arts and crafts and then as seen on tv demonstration stuff). And even later we all got a funnel cake to share, but lets be serious. I ate over half of that by myself. It was seriously the. best. funnel cake. ever. It might be making an appearance later on. Get excited.

We stopped by a magic show where they had the kids sit right in front on "grass" and the adults sat behind on benches. Liv was enjoying being out of her stroller, and entertaining the adults :) She picked just the right time to try and learn how to somersault.

Right  in the middle of the fair is the Cotton Bowl football stadium

We headed over to the Midway to look at all the crazy rides and impossible games.

And then we hopped on the Sky Tram to get the bird's eye of it all. We happend to go up during the sunset and got to see the Dallas skyline behind the Texas Star Ferris Wheel (which is HUGE by the way). It was pretty awesome, but these photos are not that awesome. Why have I STILL not learned how to use my camera? Sorry.

Getting tired.

Stopped by the car show, and let Liv get some wiggles out.

She wanted to keep trying for that somersault :)

And then it was time for the laser/light show! Liv stayed down on the sidewalk with my mom so she could dance to the loud music they were playing before the show.

Not a great video, but that girl of ours sure is cute. The first part is her dancing to the Irish band, and the second part is her before the light show. Also, she "lost" her pants somewhere between the car show and here :)

You can see it a little at the end, but kids kept coming over to dance with her.

Here's that funnel cake! Not a good pic because I was too embarrassed to let B take another pic with flash while the light show was going on! That's real chocolate on there folks, no nasty store bought chocolate syrup. And the cream so yummy and cool so it almost tasted like ice cream. Nom nom.

After the show, we checked out the other half of the car show, and then one more exhibit hall. The fair just isn't the fair without cotton candy, so we had to buy a bag on our way out to take home.

Fog coming from some haunted fun house.

Liv had her first taste of cotton candy. She wasn't sure about it because it looks and feels like a ball of cat fur, but we told her it was candy so she tried it. Her face was priceless as it changed from concerned to pure joy! Later she was asking me to wipe her hands because they were sticky and completely covered in the stuff, and while I was wiping she said, "Mama, its candy! Its yummy candy!"
Yes, yes it is.

Grampy and Liv

After the 10 lb weight gain, we were all tuckered out :)


Carrie said...

that video was awesome. i love her dancing. and i cracked up at your description of cotton candy (it looks and feels like cat hair). what an awesome discovery for her- it doesn't TASTE like cat hair. it tastes like yummy candy!!

it looked like a fun day! i'm totally jealous. miss you guys a ton! <3

Anonymous said...


I am so glad you guys had such a great time. Love to you and your wonderful parents.

Miss you all :)

Momma/Gma Oregon

AmyJ said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so completely jealous that you all got to go to the fair! We missed it by 2 weeks! Looks so fun! I love all the pictures! I love Livy's somersaults with one shoe on and her little painted fingernails. I love your bun in your hair! The food looked so good-espesh that funnel cake! How was the fried bubble gum? Sounds weird. Ahhh, the Texas State Fair!! I love it!