Thursday, October 27, 2011

Morning walks

Liv always wants to go outside first thing in the morning. Literally right when I pick her up out of bed she says, "outshide". Usually I tell her we have to wait, mostly because we all know I'm lazy in the morning and I don't wake up quite as quickly as she does. Sometimes though, I try to be fun and we go outside together (and if we're really lucky we all 3 get outside together). It is nice to go out in the morning because we've had a few really cool mornings. This particular morning, as you can tell by her clothes, I was tired and trying to throw on anything warm she had. It looks like she stepped right out of an anime cartoon or a Hello Kitty store.

We've done several nature walks and she thinks that acorns are the coolest things ever. Now we just go out to collect acorns (forget about the leaves). Then she brings them back to put on the pumpkins we have on the front porch.

Simple joys.

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Anonymous said...

AWWWW...this is a precious post! Love the outfit and her pretty little hands tucking her acorns away. My sweet little Texas squirrel!

Miss you sweeties.

Love, Mom, Debi, Ma, Grandma :)