Wednesday, October 26, 2011

smile mace

Last week, when Liv was supposed to be in sacrement meeting, she was in a classroom drawing some of her very first smiley faces. They are pretty cute and despite the fact that I was sad she didn't stay in with me, (she had stayed the whole time the past 2 weeks before this and I thought we were done needing to go out to the foyer, especially because both meetings went 30 mins over and she still stayed) I think they're pretty good for a new 2 year old :) Also, I love how her lips pucker out when she's drawing.

Liv Language:
smile mace = smiley face


Miranda Thompson said...

Love the smiley faces! So cute!

Anonymous said...

she is absolutely brilliant!!!!
Love her proud Gma!!!

Brandon and Jennifer said...

these are TOOOOO sweet!