Sunday, February 19, 2012

Computer woes

So... our iMac randomly started doing some weird thing where the screen would go bright and then darker on its own. It was like it was possessed and ghost was turning the screen light up and down.

We finally took it in to the Apple Store (we have apple care) and they had to run a diagnostic test for 24 hours (seriously the way they talk makes it sound like you're taking a child to the hospital!) and then let us know what the problem was. It was the graphics card (B totally called it) so they operated opened up our little computer and replaced the card with a new one.

We were happy to get it back and up and running, but something was even more wrong with the screen this time. Half the screen was a couple shades darker than the other half. B took it back, they ran more tests and then fixed it by doing something (i don't understand computer talk), and then we were again happy to have it back. 

Again it wasn't working properly, this time shutting down when we would try to play any kind of video on it.

B took it in for the 3rd time with the intention of telling them no more fixes just give me a new computer, and they did! He actually didn't even have to ask for that, they just said "okay we've tried everything we can here so we'll have to get you a new computer". Yay for Apple Care!

They actually had to assemble this new computer for us and B convinced them we deserved an upgraded version of the 27" iMac for all the trips and time we've had without the computer, so it took another week just to receive it in the mail. Finally it got here! And then B quickly realized it only had 1 TB when it was supposed to have 2 TBs, and it was supposed to have more ram and some other stuff. 

He called and again convinced them to upgrade the computer even more since they didn't do it right the first time. Again, I don't quite understand all the computer lingo but I do understand dollar signs, haha, and what I understand is we paid $1300 for our original computer (that ended up having graphics issues) and now we are being sent a brand spakin new $3500 computer for free because of all the time and trips this has taken to get figured out. He explained it as the same look on the outside with a completely revved up inside, and actually the exact words he used were "the fastest Mac ever made" which I laughed at because I thought he was joking, but turns out he's not. It will have a core i7 with SSD, 2 GB graphics card and 16 GB of ram. So, we are just using the one pictured above until we receive the newer faster one.

Moral of the story, if you have a Mac get apple care. And having a husband who understands computer lingo doesn't hurt either.


Scottie and Angie said...

WOW that is impressive!!! Go Apple, I must say they have been good to you!!! How you feeling these day??? Think about you often. Loves-A

danielle said...

omygoodneessssss!!! what a steal! Go brady! I guess being patient pays off! I so wish I just had a mac, let alone the fastest mac ever! haha! I am sure it will get plenty of good use!

Kendra said...

That is so awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apple and macs. Miles has converted me and now we both have our own iMac. :)