Thursday, August 16, 2012

No more diapers!

This girl is potty trained!!!
She has been now for about 4 weeks (we started on 7/27/12). I started a post a 2 weeks ago and wrote a long post about the experience, and I was too tired to finish that night and haven't had a chance to go back and finish it, but I wanted to hurry and get some kind of post up before I forget when she actually started her potty training :)

I have to quickly brag on her and say on her first true day of potty training she had 0 accidents!!! And on the second day she even went poopy in the potty chair! Her dora potty training chart was full by day 3 so we had to add a blank sheet of paper and I let her put stickers on it. I was very impressed. We've had a few little bumps since then but those will be in the in depth potty training post that I will get up soon. She now only wears diapers at bedtime and hasn't had any accidents for at least 3 weeks!

I can't get enough of that little bum in underwear!
She doesn't yet understand that maybe not everyone in the world wants to see her undees :)


Brooke and Ryan Steed said...

Way to go! I'm gonna need to know your tricks and I definitely need to know where you got that Dora training chart! We have a Dora lover in our house too!

BradyH said...

I'm so proud of my big girl. Now, whenever I go to the bathroom, she'll usually be there at the door when I come out to give me a high five, tell me to wash my hands, and say, "I'm so proud of you Da!!" haha...

She's growing up so perfectly.

Kris and Megan said...

you know you're a parent when you're SOOO proud of your kid for getting potty trained and you post and share your experiences, right! haha! I SO understand the excitement! Go Olivia!! And yes, the underwear bums are my favorite!!

Scottie and Angie said...

Whoooooooooot Whoooooooooooo way to go! that is such a fun milestone:)Excited to see you soon.