Monday, August 13, 2012

3 months

  • Two days after I did her 2 month post she slept 9 straight hours at night for 3 nights in a row! Since then it fluctuated slightly. She got a very slight cold (our whole little family did) and it was a little hard to breathe through her nose. Now she is sleeping for 9 hrs at night (10 to 7) again! Now if only I would just go to sleep when she goes to sleep....regardless of the fact that I go to bed way too late, it feels really good to get more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep in a row!
  • I love how chubby she is getting now! Her little cheeks are so cute, and she has little chubby rolls on her legs that jiggle when she kicks. I want to eat her up!
  • We think her eyes are beautiful! They are still a gray blue and I'm thinking they will turn green or brown. I love her little eyelashes and how intently she will gaze at me when I put my face in front of hers.
  • She rolled over for the first time 5 days before her 3 month mark on 8/8/12! Olivia and I were out playing with Scarlett and watching her have her tummy time when it happened. She can lift her chest of the ground and I thought she might roll over. When she started to get fussy, she arched her back even more and rolled over! She was a little surprised by herself! We've had her do it again and again for anyone who will watch :) We also got it on video, maybe I'll post it.
  • She has noticed her hands and we've caught her staring at them a couple times. She's not totally aware of them, but she brings them to her mouth to suck on them all the time now.
  • She's SO drool-y. I'm starting to have to break out the bibs more because she will need an outfit change if I don't. I don't know if she's already started teething or what.
  • Olivia has taken to calling her "Scooter Bee". I do call her that occasionally, but I noticed that Olivia does it a lot, like even without me saying. It's pretty cute because it sounds like she's saying "scoooo-bee". I love it! "Scoo-bee's crying, Scoo-bee needs her binky". A few times she called her "Cutie cute" but Scooby is now Olivia's name for her.

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