Friday, August 17, 2012

5 years

5 years
We are an old married couple now!

To celebrate we spent the weekend in Fort Worth, sans kids! Can you believe it!
I was planning on bringing Scarlett with us, but B persuaded me not to. 
We had so much fun and this celebration couldn't have come at a better time.
We walked around the stockyards, ate at 'The Love Shack', B bought me some yellow roses of Texas from a sketchy guy, 
we both looked silly trying on cowboy hats (but B wouldn't let me post his pic), relaxed in the hot tub, 
relaxed in general, slept in and missed the cattle drive, and spent the next morning at the water gardens.
We both needed the break, aaaand B got his first interview invite while we were checking into our hotel.

Just icing on the cake!

There is a picture of my family at this spot many years ago, with each one of my siblings standing on a different step.
B and Iw alked all the way down to the bottom of these steps and hung out for a minute. I don't think I would have made
it all the way down without B. I felt like I was getting Vertigo while walking down these steps with the rushing waters
 going by. It was weird, and now I know what Lucille 2 from Arrested Development feels like.

The traditional 5 year anniversary gift is wood, so B gave me a madarin orange tree! Olivia waters it 
every day and I can't wait to get some yummy oranges on it! He also gave me a very sweet card (my 
favorite anniversary card to date) and a necklace :)

5 years = 2 amazingly beautiful daughters, 3 Bachelor's degrees, 2 apartments, 2 states, 4 wards, some rough times, and 10x's as many wonderful memories and laughter filled moments. We can get through anything together! I love you Brady Rex! You truly make me want to be a better person. Its so funny to think of when we first got married. We thought we knew each other so well, but now looking back, it seems like we were strangers then. I don't think I realized how lucky I was to be sealed to you forever, and now I'm thankful everyday I made the decision to marry you. I don't know how I got so lucky.

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